Apple App Store Hits the Countdown of 50 Billion Downloads

Five years after its debut in July 2008, the Apple app store has finally reached the countdown of 50 billion app downloads. With this milestone, the company has added another feat to the list of its achievements since the last five years. On 2nd May 2013, Apple started counting down to 50 billion app downloads and the countdown was crossed within 2 weeks.

As per tradition of the company, this is milestone is being celebrated with multiple prizes to the customers. These prizes include a $10,000 gift card for the lucky customer who downloaded the 50 billionth app and 50 more $500 gift cards for the next few customers. The milestone is being displayed at the official website of the company with an image showing a ‘Thanks’ on an iPad using the award-winning iPad Paper by FiftyThree.

The App store reached the first 25 billion downloads in March 2012 i.e within around 3 years and 8 months. However the next 25 billion downloads took only around 14.5 months. So the company has reached the pace of over 20 billion downloads per year or around 50 million apps per day. The company last hit the bar of 40 billion downloads this January. That means 10 billion apps have been downloaded in just over four months, or about 78.1 million per day.

With this rate, the App store is expected to reach 70 billion app downloads in 2013. So it will may add 30 billion app downloads only in this year. Also, it won’t be a surprise if Apple puts a second countdown, for the 75 billion downloads, in time for the holiday season. It would be apt to say that in 2014, Apple could be celebrating a 12 digit figure. Since its launch around 1.2 million apps have been approved at the App Store, with around 850,000 of them currently available. Today, the Apple app store is the biggest and most popular software store across the world.

Yet Apple may not be the only one to get there. On the same day, Google also shared its own figures for app downloads at the Google Play store. The Android store has reached over 48 billion downloaded so far, with a rate of 2.5 billion apps being downloaded per month. As the Google Play store showed up on the scene long after the Apple App Store and also it is still growing faster than its main rival, the positions of number one and number two may soon interchange. In fact, it’s likely that it will happen before 2014.

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